Cersei Lannister is arguably the worst person in the Seven Kingdoms, and yet her name is spreading.

Every year, the Social Security Administration releases baby name data, and it shared 2017's this month. The SSA tracks names that more than five boys or girls born in the United States are given each year, and for the first time, a certain "Game of Thrones" villain broke through. Cersei made the cut after 11 baby girls received that moniker, The Mercury News reports.

Now, 11 babies hardly constitutes a trend, but it does show a growing popularity. The spread is interesting especially when you consider that Cersei (Lena Headey) is hardly the person most parents would want their kids to emulate in many senses. Just to recap: She sleeps with her brother, is responsible for numerous murders, regularly manipulates people, and the list goes on. Still, the name apparently has its appeal.

There's no denying the power of "Game of Thrones," of course. Countless other fans turned to the show for baby name inspiration, too. The SSA data also shows that there were 20 baby Sansas, 110 Daeneryses, and a whopping 2,156 Aryas born in 2017. Those names have only increased in popularity during the series' seven seasons. For example, Arya was the 942nd most popular baby name in 2010 -- the year before "Game of Thrones" premiered -- and it has steadily climbed since, making its way to 135th in 2017.

We doubt Cersei will see the kind of rise that Arya has seen, but the name does seem to be on its way up.

[via: The Mercury News]