The first teaser for season six of "Orange Is the New Black" promises that our prisoners will be in "a whole new world" when new episodes premiere this summer.

The short clip, which depicts the aftermath of the three-day riot in which the inmates overtook Litchfield in season five, also features some of the most familiar imagery from the show's entire run. That notorious, elusive chicken can be seen clucking away on a window sill, while a flip phone sits innocently atop a table, its screen glowing.

The rest of the tableau is pretty bleak, though, with tear gas (tinged orange, obviously) seeping into the ruined cafeteria, dust and debris everywhere, and an idling prison transport bus shuttling the inmates away to several different facilities (and maybe max, too, based on the "to the max" tagline featured in the clip). We don't yet know any plot details about season six, but we'd imagine that that jarring separation, and the consequences of the inmates' season five actions, will be a key factor in these new episodes.

Speaking of which, the teaser also revealed exactly when those fresh installments are expected to drop: July 27. Start making plans to binge watch the entire batch now.