Give Jack-Jack all the money!

"Incredibles 2" is on track to sell the most advance tickets of any animated movie. It may also beat "Finding Dory" for the title of biggest animated film opening ever at the domestic box office.

That's the word from Deadline, quoting Fandango's latest figures on "The Incredibles" sequel.

"Incredibles 2" is pacing to beat the pre-sales of "Finding Dory," "Wonder Woman," "Spider-Man: Homecoming," and "Suicide Squad" -- all successful summer releases.

It helps to leave fans wanting more, and the 14-year wait for an "Incredibles" sequel seems to have stoked appetites.

Deadline reports that the most ambitious estimates for "Incredibles 2" put its opening in the $140 million range, which would break the record $135 million opening for "Finding Dory."

Pre-sales don't always tell the story, and can be false leads -- as they were for "Solo: A Star Wars Story." But it's telling that "Incredibles 2" premiered earlier this week for critics and fans and the reaction was very positive. If "Incredibles 2" gets good reviews -- and it most likely will -- it will probably make or possibly even break the box office projections. That wasn't the case for "Solo," which opened to lukewarm reviews.

But! Hopefully Disney-Pixar doesn't take that to mean they should greenlight more sequels or spinoffs right away. The lesson should be that less -- or at least less frequent -- brings more.

"Incredibles 2" opens in theaters June 15.

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