It's almost time for another round of "GLOW."

The hit Netflix series inspired by the '80s TV show "Gorgeous Ladies of Women's Wrestling" is coming back, and the streaming service has given us a better idea of what to expect. Ahead of Season 2's June 29 premiere, Netflix unveiled a new trailer; the preview teases more challenges for the show within the show, ranging from ongoing tension between the characters to a #MeToo situation.

"GLOW" Season 1 introduced a misfit group of women tasked with putting together a wrestling show. It didn't go smoothly, and it looks like many of the problems they faced before will resurface in Season 2. Among them are issues of racism in entertainment, balancing work and motherhood, and being taken seriously as a female professional. The issues are heavy, but from what we've seen so far, they'll be handled with wit.

Watch the preview below. Warning: It's NSFW.

"GLOW" Season 2 hits Netflix June 29.