We're in between seasons of "Fuller House," but that doesn't mean we're entirely without the Tanner-Fuller crew. Thanks to Lori Loughlin, we recently got a little dose of their family magic.

Loughlin posted a four photos on Thursday of her alongside co-star John Stamos. The two, who have continued to reprise their respective roles as Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse in each season of the Netflix spinoff series, appear on the steps of the Tanner-Fuller house at Warner Bros. Studios. "Hanging on the stoop," Loughlin wrote in her Instagram post.

Hanging on the stoop. #fullhousehouse @fullerhouse

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"Fuller House" Season 4 appears to be filming, as other cast members have also shared photos and videos from the set on social media. We don't know yet how many episodes Loughlin and Stamos will be in, but it's clear people are excited to see them together and back at it. In the comments, fans called them their "fave TV couple," expressed concern over the fact that Stamos appears to have a bandage on his hand, and, of course, took advantage of the opportunity to quote Uncle Jesse's frequent refrain of "Have mercy!"

"Fuller House" was renewed for Season 4 in late January, and it is expected to return later this year.