Age isn't a factor when it comes to who is best at keeping "Stranger Things" secrets. David Harbour might be older than his many teen cast mates, but he has a little spoiler problem they don't.

The actor was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Friday when the late-night host asked if he gets to know more about the show because he's not a kid like they are. It turns out that's not the case at all. Harbour admitted that the "Stranger Things" kids are more trustworthy than he is and he's "notorious for just giving away entire seasons."

"Entire seasons" is an exaggeration, but the actor did point to himself as the one who gave away that Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) would have a boyfriend in Season 2 ahead of its release. Apparently, Netflix executives weren't thrilled.

"I get these very disappointed calls from [Netflix Chief Content Officer] Ted Sarandos," he told Kimmel. "They're not angry, just, like, "Oh, David...'"

Watch the exchange below.

With "Stranger Things" Season 3 coming in 2019, pay extra attention to Harbour's interviews if you like spoilers; if not, it sounds like you'd better steer clear.

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