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When "Batman" universes collide!

Ben Affleck and Anne Hathaway are uniting for a movie that actually has nothing to do with Batman, but he'll always be Batfleck and she'll always be Catwoman.

They will soon team up for "The Last Thing He Wanted," the great title of a 1996 novel by Joan Didion, being adapted for Netflix by director Dee Rees.

Rees -- the Oscar-nominated co-writer and director of "Mudbound" -- is also co-writing as well as directing and producing this film.

"The Last Thing He Wanted" follows "hardscrabble journalist Elena McMahon  (Anne Hathaway) who finds herself on dangerous ground as the Iran Contra Affair’s arms for drugs plot reaches its tipping point."

Hathaway was announced for the film back in May.

Anne Hathaway, The Dark Knight Rises

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Hathaway has a lot going on -- from the upcoming movie "Serenity" with Matthew McConaughey to "The Hustle" with Rebel Wilson, and the "Barbie" movie.

Ben Affleck has a movie called "Triple Frontier" scheduled to come out next year, and we're still waiting on his sequel to "The Accountant." It remains to be confirmed what involvement he will or will not have with "The Batman" movie and other DCEU films.

"The Last Thing He Wanted" is now filming in Puerto Rico for its 2019 release on Netflix. The film costars Willem Dafoe, Toby Jones, Rosie Perez, Mel Rodriquez, and Edi Gathegi.

[Via: EW, Variety]

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