Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The "to-do" list for the standalone "Black Widow" movie starring Scarlett Johansson just got a little bit shorter.

Marvel has reportedly found its director for much-anticipated project. Australian director Cate Shortland has reached a deal with the studio, according to THR. Deadline reported on June 20 that she was one of the top contenders that emerged from a very large.

Shortland hasn't done any projects as high-profile as an MCU film yet, but she's been making a name for herself. Her most recent film, 2017 "Berlin Syndrome," starred Teresa Palmer and was nominated for best film by the Australian Film Critics Association. Shortland also received a nomination for best director.

The writer and director apparently has a fan in Johansson. The actress threw her support behind Shortland, THR reports. Johansson is said to have liked the work her new director did on 2012's "Lore."

The "Black Widow" movie has been talked about for years now, but Marvel seems to really be making it a priority now. There still hasn't been a release date announced, but at least the studio has locked down a director. We're getting closer.

[via: THR]