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Last we heard, the third "Bill &Ted" film was finally happening. But now Keanu Reeves says it's still up in the air.

While out promoting his new action film "Siberia," Reeves told Yahoo Entertainment,  "I don’t know if it’s a reality."

That's a lot more negative than he sounded in a new interview with Moviefone, when he said, "I hope it happens. We've been trying to get it made for seven years. But we're closer..."

When talking to Yahoo, he said the sequel "still has its challenges... part of it is show business stuff — financing, rights, deals. Nothing creatively," he says.

Before we all start sending Keanu personal checks, it sounds like more is lacking than financing, which was the reason cited in the past as the main obstacle. But if (and apparently it's a big if) all those problems are sorted out, the rest should be a piece of cake.

"I really love the characters, and I think we have a good story to tell," says Reeves.  He's definitely given a lot of thought to how to play an older Ted. "It’ll be interesting to see what that’s like. There’d be a lot about him that would be the same, I’m sure; his kind of optimistic naïveté in the face of the darkness will still be there. He has a child now, so I’m sure he’s matured.”

As Reeves told Moviefone, "It's not some kind of forced concoction or a money-grab. There's a great story about what's going on with them now. It's funny, it's moving, I hope we get a chance to make it."

Please, please, please, let his happen.

[Via Yahoo Entertainment]