Warner Bros/DC

Even though the character has appeared in two DC Extended Universe entries, whether or not Aquaman could carry an entire movie has been one of the biggest questions hanging over the entire interconnected series. Well, today during the Warner Bros panel at San Diego Comic Con, we finally got our first look at “Aquaman,” the stand-alone film hitting theaters this holiday season. And it is not at all what you were probably expecting.

This trailer is positively epic, with sea creatures, underwater civilizations, and some kind of breakthrough technology that makes actors’ hair look all wavy and underwater-y. Jason Momoa returns once again to play Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, who this time has to defuse a potential underwater civil war. This thing looks huge, like a combination of “Gladiator” and “Avatar,” with genuine visionary James Wan orchestrating the whole thing brilliantly. The star-studded cast includes Willem Dafoe, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren (!), and Nicole Kidman. If “Aquaman” wasn’t on your radar (sonar?) before, chances are it is now.

“Aquaman” splashes into theaters on December 21st.