Sons of Anarchy Season 7

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"Sons of Anarchy" is over, but some of its characters are apparently poised for a new lease on life in the near future.

The show's spinoff, "Mayans MC," is set to premiere this fall, and Kurt Sutter delivered some news fans have been waiting for during San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. The co-creator, who teamed up with Elgin James on the series, confirmed at the event that they have plans for certain stories to intersect, Deadline reports. While there aren't any "points of intersection" yet, there will be before the end of Season 1.

"We'll see those points of intersection this season and throughout the series as well," Sutter said.

The two shows take place in the same world, so it isn't a stretch for there to be crossover between them. However, Sutter says he wants to "keep it sacred."

"I want to acknowledge that world and find opportunities to circle that, but I don't want to abuse it," he said.

In the seven seasons that "Sons of Anarchy" was on, fans sadly had to say some sad goodbyes to popular characters. Because of that, we know we can't expect to see every reunion we might want to, but at least we'll get to check back in with some familiar faces when the spinoff arrives.

"Mayans MC" premieres Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.