Hunter Killer


Gerard Butler has saved the White House. He's saved London. Now, he's saving the world in a submarine.

Lionsgate released the trailer for "Hunter Killer," which easily fits into Butler's "Olympus Has Fallen" ouevre (it is from the same producers). Butler stars as Captain Joe Glass, who is at the helm of the titular nuclear attack submarine. When the Russian president is kidnapped in a coup attempt, he and a group of Navy SEALs attempt to save him in order to prevent all-out global war from breaking out.

Of course, that involves a lot of missiles being fired, evasive maneuvers, and worried expressions on the faces of cast members Gary Oldman, Common and Linda Cardellini.

While this really does look like "Olympus Has Fallen But With Subs," it is not part of that franchise. In fact, the third movie "Angel Has Fallen" is already in production.

"Hunter Killer" opens in theaters October 26.