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Netflix removed the ability to add reviews a while back, but now even existing reviews have been deleted. All of them.

Why? The response to "How do I post reviews on Netflix?" is:  "Netflix customers were able to leave reviews on until mid-2018, when reviews were removed due to declining use." The company announced last month that it was going to start permanently axing reviews.

Variety notes that popular shows like "Stranger Things" had more than 4,000 reviews. Looks like you'll have to head to Twitter or Tumblr to share your love of Steve's hair, Sheriff Hopper's dance moves, and Eleven's overall awesomeness.

The streaming site switched to a thumbs-up/down model last year, reportedly prompted by an Amy Schumer comedy special receiving almost nothing but one-star reviews in what was said to be a targeted campaign. 

But the current thumbs-up system doesn't translate to seeing if a show is considered "fresh" or "rotten," to borrow from Rotten Tomatoes terminology. It does help Netflix track your likes and dislikes to make personalized recommendations for you. But if you want a consensus, you can't get it on Netflix.

[Via Variety]