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'Cause that's what every DC fan wants -- their film to be compared to Marvel. Especially when one comparison is to "Thor: The Dark World," which its own star just called "meh."

DC's "Aquaman" is coming out in late December, and every few months we get a new update on how it's (supposedly) going. There was an early test screening back in February that seemed to go well, with a comparison to the tone of "Wonder Woman." Reports cited the humor and drama, but with more emotion, and elements of horror -- befitting director James Wan.

That was long before the first trailer was even released. That happened at Comic-Con in July. Now it's late August, and there are fresh reports off another test screening.

According to these new reports, fans found "Aquaman" good but not great, and one viewer compared it to a Phase One film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To refresh your memory, here are Marvel's Phase One films:

• "Iron Man"
• "The Incredible Hulk"
• "Iron Man 2"
• "Thor"
• "Captain America: The First Avenger"
• "Marvel's The Avengers"

"Thor: The Dark World" is actually a Phase Two film, but it got name-dropped in further comments. Take a look:

"Aquaman" -- starring Jason MomoaAmber HeardWillem DafoePatrick WilsonDolph LundgrenYahya Abdul-Mateen IINicole Kidman, and Ludi Lin -- is scheduled for release in theaters December 21st.

[Via: CinemaBlend]

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