Vanessa Marquez, who starred in "Stand and Deliver" and played nurse Wendy Goldman on "ER," was shot and killed by police Thursday.

In a press conference today, Lt. Joe Mendoza of the L.A. Sheriff's homicide bureau said authorities were called to do a welfare check on the 49-year-old Marquez. Officers were told she suffered from seizures and was "gravely disabled."

According to Mendoza, Marques was "uncooperative" and "armed herself with a handgun [which] she pointed at the officers." That's when she was shot.

Marquez was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Police later recovered a BB gun that Mendoza said "resembled a semi-automatic handgun."

Marquez starred on "ER" from 1994-1997. In 2017, she alleged that George Clooney had her blacklisted from the NBC drama after she complained about sexual harassment and racial slurs on the set.

On her now-suspended Twitter account, Marquez said, "Clooney helped blacklist me when I spoke up about harassment on 'ER' [saying,] 'Women who don't play the game lose career.' I did."

According to Us Weekly, she also named specific costars who were "p***y grabbers" and others who had told "Mexican racial jokes" every day.

Clooney denied knowing  anything about it, telling Deadline, "If she was told I was involved in any decision about her career then she was lied to. The fact that I couldn't affect her career is only surpassed by the fact that I wouldn't."

Marquez also starred as Ana Delgado in the 1988 film "Stand and Deliver." Her TV credits include "Malcolm & Eddie," "Seinfeld," and "Melrose Place."

Her death is under investigation, which is standard practice for police-involved shootings.

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