Ellen DeGeneres

Warner Bros.

Ellen DeGeneres is definitely "Relatable"!

On her show Tuesday, the host announced the title and premiere date of her upcoming Netflix standup comedy special — the first one she's done in 15 years.

Titled "Relatable," the special was taped in Seattle during her three-city tour last month and will begin streaming December 15 on Netflix.

“I mentioned that I worked a lot over the summer. What I did was I went back to stand-up," DeGeneres explained.

"I didn’t do stand-up for 15 years and I decided … I just all of a sudden was like, 'I miss stand-up, I want to do it.' So I made a deal with Netflix. And I was working on stand-up all summer.”

After giving shout-outs to the audiences in Seattle, San Diego, and San Francisco, DeGeneres then gave a television to every member of the studio audience so they could watch the special with ease.

Watch DeGeneres' announcement below: