Henry Cavill, The Tonight Show


If you remember how much fun Henry Cavill had with MustacheGate, you won't be surprised by the tone he took with SupermanGate, or whatever you want to call yesterday's news.

Cavill acts earnest on screen, but off screen he's a total goofball. But he may give fans some hope with his new Instagram video.

He never says a word in the clip, but he wears a Krypton Lifting Team T-shirt while mock-solemnly raising a Superman action figure. All while staring into the camera. The deadpan humor and music would suggest this isn't quite a funeral for Superman, it's the actor having fun with the "exciting" day of rumors.

The Hollywood Reporter had said Cavill was out as Superman in the DCEU as Warner Bros./DC shifted gears with new projects for younger stars. Cavill was supposed to cameo in "Shazam!" but apparently a scheduling conflict marred that (final?) appearance.

Cavill's agent Dany Garcia tweeted a hopeful note:

Warner Bros. did issue a vague statement later on Wednesday, saying no decisions had been made yet -- i.e. We haven't fired him, so stop yelling at us.

Meanwhile, fans are already dream-casting the next Superman, and there are rumors that WB was considering casting Michael B. Jordan.

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