South Park

Comedy Central

"South Park" has reached peak meta.

Always on trend, "South Park" Season 22 is now hashtagging its own demise -- cheekily promoting #CancelSouthPark in its own teaser.

Should we respect their authoritah?

The 15-second promo features an earnest voice-over intoning "America has reached a crossroads. What will we do next?” The screen then flashes "#CancelSouthPark" along with the season premiere date of September 26.

As one fan cleverly replied: "Well... Simpsons never did it."

True! Maybe it's a play on haters saying the show should be canceled already, and/or mocking Cancel Culture itself. It'll probably get some jabs in about shows like "Roseanne" being canceled after offensive tweets, or people like James Gunn being "canceled" by Cancel Culture after bad behavior emerges.

Just bank on some kind of timely connection that skewers both left and right equally.

Also, it's just clever marketing to get fans tweeting #CancelSouthPark while defending the show and hoping it's never canceled. (The show has been replying to tweets that use the hashtag.)

Trey Parker and Matt Stone said last year that they wanted to back away from the overt political commentary because "satire's kind of become reality" and that was hard to make fun of. But there's plenty out there in our modern culture to satirize beyond politics.

"South Park" Season 22 starts Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 10/9 on Comedy Central.

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