Pitch Perfect cast

Rebel Wilson on Twitter

This is aca-amazing ... unless it's a false trail.

Anna Kendrick was already talking about "Pitch Perfect 4" before "Pitch Perfect 3" even came out.

"Pitch Perfect 3" had meh reviews, but also made $185 million worldwide, which is more than "Pitch Perfect," if not "Pitch Perfect 2."

At any rate, fans are hopeful to see the Bellas again, and these posts have them hyped for "Pitch Perfect 4":

Many fans read into Brittany Snow going back to Chloe Beale's red hair, among other clues:

Also, what if this tweet really IS about Evan Rachel Wood joining "Pitch Perfect 4"? That would freeze our motor functions in the best way:

If "Pitch Perfect 4" is really happening -- and Brittany Snow is already character-ready -- expect an official announcement any day now.

OR ... maybe they were serious when they told Moviefone this was their last one:

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