The Nun

Warner Bros.

"The Nun" rules The Conjuring Universe.

A direct spinoff of "The Conjuring 2," "The Nun" is the fifth movie in The Conjuring Universe. That universe has more titles ahead, but for now "The Nun" is Nun-ber 1. (Get it? Nun-ber? Here all week!)

Over the final weekend of September, "The Nun" passed $330 million worldwide, surpassing "The Conjuring 2" global tally of just over $320 million.

As Deadline noted, much of "The Nun's" success has been driven by Spanish-speaking markets abroad, with Mexico being the top with $21.5 million. The world loves horror, and we really love the believable horror of scary nuns.

Here's The Conjuring Universe's box office tally so far:

"The Nun" -- Worldwide: $330,018,048
"The Conjuring 2" -- Worldwide: $320,392,818
"The Conjuring" -- Worldwide: $319,494,638
"Annabelle Creation" -- Worldwide: $306,515,884
"Annabelle" -- Worldwide: $257,047,661

"The Nun" is far from done. This past weekend, she took fifth place on the domestic box office chart alone, picking up another $5.4 million.

The progress of this flying "Nun" will be tough to top, but the universe has more to come. "The Conjuring 3," "Annabelle 3," and "The Crooked Man" are all ahead.

"Annabelle 3" already has a release date of July 3, 2019. So prepare to celebrate Independence Day with McKenna Grace and that creepy-ass doll.

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