"Addams Family Values" is one of those rare comedy sequels that might just be better than its original. The franchise is also one of the rare movie adaptations of a TV series that really works.

25 years after its theatrical release, the clever and spooky film still holds up. Here are nine reasons why. *Snap. Snap.*

1. Because its pre-credits cold open is absolutely brilliant.


Kicking off the second "Addams Family" installment with the arrival of a new baby is a comedically-strong start.

2. Because Uncle Fester's luxury leisurewear is a sight to behold.


That hair.

3. Because Debbie Jellinsky is the best cinematic villain of the '90s.


Eat your heart out, Hannibal Lector.

4. Because Amanda Buckman is the best pre-teen villain of the '90s.


Headgear and all.

5. Because Debbie's monologue about her life story is a masterclass in tour de force.


"Ma-li-bu Barbie." "

6. Because I still ship Wednesday and Joel Glicker.

Ah, young love.

7. Because Wednesday's burns are on fire.



8. Because Pubert Addams has a nice ring to it.

Just look at that cute little tiny mustache.

9. Because we can all aspire to a love like Gomez and Morticia.


Some aspects of it, at least.