John Cena in Blockers

Universal Pictures

John Cena's acting career is still burning bright.

The "Blockers" star is reportedly close to having another film lined up. He is nearing a deal for a role in the family comedy "Playing With Fire," per Variety's sources. The publication reports that he'd star in the film.

The comedy centers on a group of tough firefighters who rescue three kids. The young ones are apparently quite the handful, meaning the adults will apparently "meet their match" when they end up in charge of them. The story comes from Dan Ewen, and Paramount Players hired Matt Lieberman to rewrite it, according to Variety.

This film is one of many that Cena, a former wrestler, has added to his resume in recent years. He most recently starred in "Blockers," and he'll soon be seen in the Transformers spinoff "Bumblebee," which stars Hailee Steinfeld. Some of his other credits include both "Daddy's Home" movies, "The Wall," and "Sisters."

A timeline for "Playing With Fire" has yet to be announced.

[via: Variety]