Robert Pattinson


Filming has wrapped on "The Lighthouse," Robert Eggers'  follow-up film to his horror hit "The Witch." And it might take until its 2019 release for star Robert Pattinson to forgive Eggers for the brutal conditions on set.

Talking to his costar Willem Dafoe for Interview, Pattinson said that making the film about an aging lighthouse keeper nearly broke him.

"That’s the closest I’ve come to punching a director," Pattinson told Dafoe. "However much I love Robert [Eggers], there was a point where I did five takes walking across the beach, and after a while I was like, 'What the f**k is going on? I feel like you're just spraying a fire hose in my face.' And he was like, 'I am spraying a fire hose in your face.' It was like some kind of torture. It definitely creates an interesting energy."

Dafoe agreed, "the conditions were so harsh, that we hardly talked outside of scenes."

The film, which takes place in Nova Scotia in 1890, will be released by A24 in 2019.

And another great item from Interview: When Dafoe asked Pattinson about how he handles fame, Pattinson responded, "You have definitely known the same level of celebrity. I saw you walking through Halifax with people chasing you down at the organic grocery."

Dafoe responds, "Well, that's my crowd."

Dafoe's "At Eternity's Gate," in which he plays Vincent Van Gogh, opens November 16.

Pattinson's sci-fi arthouse film "High Life," also from A24, opens sometime in 2019.

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