Diego Luna in Rogue One

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Like our universe, the Star Wars one is always expanding.

Disney is set to launch the streaming service Disney+ in 2019, and CEO Bob Iger just announced that it will also bring a new live-action Star Wars series. The show in question is a "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" prequel, and it will star Diego Luna as Cassian Andor.

With the rebel spy Andor at the center of the series, it will chronicle his adventures leading up to what we saw play out in "Rogue One." That means we'll be seeing the early stages of the Rebellion, which should be interesting. Lucasfilm describes the show as a "rousing spy thriller."

Luna is looking forward to reprising his role when the series enters production in 2019. "We have a fantastic adventure ahead of us, and this new exciting format will give us the chance to explore this character more deeply," he said, per StarWars.com.

So far, no release date for the series has been announced. It will be one of multiple new shows premiering on Disney+ that are offshoots of blockbuster film franchises. Others include another Star Wars show, an animated series based on "Monsters, Inc.," and a Marvel series centering on Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

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