It goes without saying that one expectation of the upcoming sequel to "Mary Poppins" is the inclusion of incredible dance numbers. At first glance "Mary Poppins Returns" achieves those same trappings, but on closer inspection Gary Marshall's interpretation of P. L. Travers' books takes things a step further.

Moviefone was fortunate enough to be on set at Pinewood Studios in London, England during the filming of the musical number for "Trip A Little Light Fantastic," one of the songs in the film which happens to include an ensemble, live action, choreographed dance number.

Disney recently released a special featurette which includes brief  moments from "Trip A Little Light Fantastic" which only further outlines the sequel's desire to take the storied character and her tale to new heights.

At 0:51, 1:08, 1:18, 1:26, 1:31, and 1:36, we see glimpses of this performance. The foggy London streets act as the backdrop for the segment, utilizing the light emanating from the lamplighter (also called "leeries") tools both with physical movement and aesthetic illumination. And that's only one element of the action. Overall the dance includes bicycles, ladders, and enough street light swinging to both bring you back to your youth and make you a touch nauseous. After's swinging from a of life's simple joys.

Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda) Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) and the Banks children with a crew of street lamplighters at 17 Cherry Tree Lane

Lin Manuel Miranda does a lot of heavy lifting in the scene, with Emily Blunt's elegant charm being apparent throughout. If "Trip A Little Light Fantastic" is any hint into the types of musical acts we'll see throughout the film, we'll be first in line when "Mary Poppins Returns" comes to the screen.

Be sure to check out the film when it hits theaters December 19th.