Sci-fi series "Travelers" is getting a new home for its upcoming third season, and now the show has an official premiere date.

Netflix, which picked up the Canadian series back in May, revealed on Tuesday that season three of "Travelers" will debut on the streaming service on December 14. The series -- which features "Will & Grace" star Eric McCormack -- is set hundreds of years in the future, when the last surviving humans discover a way to send their consciousnesses back in time; these travelers then visit the 21st century and inhabit its people, helping to fight dangers that threaten humanity.

Here's the logline for season three, per Deadline:

The third season finds Grant MacLaren (McCormack) and his team of highly trained operatives from the future pushed to the limit and dealing with themes of loyalty, trust, death, and the ever-growing power of Artificial Intelligence. With their existence now leaked to the world, the team must find a way to keep knowledge of the Travelers program from the general public, while continuing to perform missions under the watchful eye of the FBI. Each team member will face their own personal breaking point, all while trying to stop the Faction, hunt down elusive Traveler 001, and to save the world from a terrible future.

A new poster for the upcoming season also dropped on Tuesday:

Check out "Travelers" when it hits Netflix on December 14.

[via: Deadline]