After 15 years away from stand-up, Ellen DeGeneres is back.

Netflix revealed the official trailer for its upcoming special "Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable" on Tuesday, Dec. 4. The preview offers snippets from the comedian's return to the stage, including one in which she reveals how she came up with the title. It turns out it stems from a friend who questioned whether she's still "relatable" enough for stand-up.

The trailer shows that DeGeneres both makes light of her friend's worry -- she jokes that she doesn't know if there are rows on a plane behind Row 10, for example -- and shows that she is, in fact, very relatable. As always, she gets a lot of laughs while she does it.

Watch below.

DeGeneres is now well-known as a daytime talk show host, but she got her start in stand-up. It was only after she started making a name for herself in comedy clubs that she moved into film and TV as well. Luckily, it doesn't look like she's rusty at all.

"Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable" starts streaming Dec. 18 on Netflix.