The Ron Burgundy Podcast teaser stil


If you need more Ron Burgundy in your life, it's your lucky day.

iHeartRadio has released a teaser for the upcoming "Ron Burgundy Podcast," and it's kind of a big deal. It features Will Ferrell as his "Anchorman" character, who is now a bona fide podcast host. That means he'll be asking the hard questions, as we see in the video.

Ron's questions are billed as "the most hard-hitting questions." And they are certainly ... interesting. He asks his guest questions like, "Is it upsetting that you can't fly?"; "What do you do about the haters?"; and "What if they ever lowered you out of a spaceship?"

Watch the video below.

The podcast is produced by iHeartRadio and Funny or Die, and it is already slated for two 12-episode seasons. We can't even begin to imagine all the places Ferrell (as Ron) will take us in that time.

"The Ron Burgundy Podcast" premieres Feb. 7 on iHeartRadio. And so the legend continues.