Michael B. Jordan conquered panthers, now he's taking on leopards.

The"Black Panther" star's production company Outlier Society has acquired the rights to adapt the fantasy epic novel "Black Leopard, Red Wolf." It's the first project to fall under Outlier's first-look deal with Warner Bros.

Set in fantastical Africa, the story follows Tracker, who is gifted with a keen sense of smell. He's hired to find a missing child amidst a backdrop of competing kingdoms and violent political upheaval. The wild cast of characters includes giants, witches, necromancers, a murderous hyena, and a shape-shifting leopard.

It’s the first book in James’ Dark Star trilogy, which has been described as an African "Game of Thrones."

Jordan will serve as an executive producer on the project.

The actor founded Outlier Society in 2016 with a focus on bringing eclectic and inclusive, diverse stories and voices to the market. It’s one of the first companies to publicly adopt the inclusion rider.