Warner Bros.

The "Aquaman" sequel is setting sail.

The project is officially in the works now, with Warner Bros. hiring David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who co-wrote the first movie with Will Beall, to pen the script for the follow-up.

The studio is in talks with director James Wan to produce the sequel. He will decide if he's returning to direct after seeing the finished script. Johnson-McGoldrick and Wan have previously collaborated on "The Conjuring 2."

"Aquaman" has earned $1.12 billion globally since opening in December and is the first DC movie to pass the $1 billion mark since 2012's "The Dark Knight Rises."

Making a sequel was a no-brainer, though it's surprising how long it's taken for Warner Bros. to move forward on one. With major franchises like this, studios often begin developing sequels as soon as the Monday after a successful opening weekend.

But Warner Bros. reportedly did not want to pressure Wan or his collaborators to make any decisions yet. Instead, they greenlit an "Aquaman" spinoff, "The Trench," which will be a horror-type flick featuring the lost, amphibious tribe of mutants that was introduced in the flagship.