Turns out Charlize Theron isn't such a "Long Shot" for Seth Rogen.

The trailer for the romantic comedy previews introduces Rogen as Fred Flarksy, an unemployed journalist who runs into his childhood crush/babysitter Charlotte Field (Theron), now the Secretary of State.

As Charlotte prepares to run for president, she hires Fred as  a speechwriter. Unexpected sparks fly, but their around-the-world romance is threatened by Fred's past and present indiscretions.

The disparity in their looks and levels of success are clear, and the movie doesn't hold back in acknowledging that. Fred's friend (O’Shea Jackson Jr.) observes, "It's 'Pretty Woman,' but she's Richard Gere and you're Julia Roberts." Meanwhile, Charlotte's advisor (June Diane Raphael) likens the pairing to Kate Middleton hooking up with Danny DeVito.

The humor seems to balance between profane and sweet. And while Theron's character is a world-famous politician, the movie is not as political as it is a firm rom-com.

"Long Shot" opens in theaters May 3.