Robert Pattinson


Christopher Nolan’s mysterious 2020 "event film" is adding two new players to the board.

Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki ("Widows") are joining the cast of the movie. They'll join "BlacKkKlansman" star John David Washington, whose casting was announced just yesterday. 

Very little is known about Nolan's new project, which follows up 2017's Oscar-nominated "Dunkirk." Reportedly, it is a massive, innovative action blockbuster that will be filmed in Nolan's favorite format, IMAX. It's set to open July 17, 2020

Pattinson has been very busy since his "Twilight" days. He's mostly stuck to small, ambitious indies. Robert Eggers’ “The Lighthouse,” “The King” at Netflix, and “Waiting for the Barbarians” all expected to bow this year. He can next be seen in Claire Denis’ “High Life," the black-and-white horror film "The Lighthouse," Netflix's Henry V drama "The King" opposite Timothée Chalamet, and the J.M. Coetzee adaptation "Waiting for the Barbarians."

Debicki appeared in Netflix’s “Cloverfield Paradox” and “Widows," and also voiced character in “Peter Rabbit.” She can next be seen in the upcoming HBO horror series “Lovecraft Country.”