Nicolas Cage in The Runner


Nicolas Cage is going to deploy martial arts to battle aliens.

The actor is set to star in "Jiu Jitsu," writer/director Dimitri Logothetis’ sci-fi martial arts movie. Joining Cage is Alain Moussi, the star of the last two "Kickboxer" movies (which Logothetis produced).

The movie is based on the comic book, which Logothetis also wrote with Jim McGrath. It centers on an ancient order of expert Jiu Jitsu fighters facing a fearsome alien invader called the Brax in a battle for Earth every six years. Cage’s character and his team of Jiu Jitsu fighters band together with Moussi’s character to defeat the Brax.

“After we successfully reintroduced the 'Kickboxer' franchise to a new generation of martial arts fans with the sixth and seventh entries in the series, we set out to up the ante with a sci-fi martial arts franchise that could bring the same kind of intensity and longevity to a new arena,” Logothetis said of the project.

Cage most recently starred in last year's "Mandy" and voiced a character in "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse."