Michael B. Jordan in Creed

Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. has been developing a "Methuselah" movie, and it has added a high-profile star and producer.

Michael B. Jordan has joined the project, Variety reports. He'll produce via his production company, Outlier Society, joined by David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford of Heyday. Warner Bros. has reportedly had the project in development for several years, with Tony Gilroy ("Beirut") penning the latest draft of the script.

The story centers on the longest-living figure in the Bible, Methuselah, who is the son of Enoch. Jordan's interest in the project may stem from his background. He has shared in the past that he "grew up in church," telling Essence magazine in 2014 that he considers himself "spiritual."

Jordan most recently starred in "Creed II," and he has the lead role in the upcoming biographical drama "Just Mercy," due out in 2020. He's nabbed a number of key roles in recent years, especially following the success of "Creed" in 2015.

[via: Variety]