It's now been 15 years since director Quentin Tarantino wrapped up the "Kill Bill" saga in "Kill Bill: Vol. 2." And whether you treat them as two movies or one complete epic, they remain some of the greatest martial arts movies ever made. So celebrate this big anniversary by learning some interesting facts about this violent, tragic second part.

1. Tarantino's friend and frequent collaborator Robert Rodriguez agreed to help score the film for a salary of $1. In exchange, Tarantino agreed to direct a scene in 2005's "Sin City" for the same price.

2. The character Pai Mei is largely inspired by Pak Mei, a popular villain in Chinese folklore. His martial arts style is also based on that of the late Bruce Lee, who was renowned for his "One-Inch Punch" technique.


3. The original script paid homage to badly dubbed martial arts movies by having Chia Hui Liu recite Pai Mei's lines in Cantonese and Tarantino himself dubbing over them in English.

4. The original script also includes a scene that explains why The Bride is no longer driving the Pussy Wagon in "Vol. 2" It turns out it was destroyed by Go-Go Yubari's sister Yuki.


5. Another deleted storyline involves a confrontation between Bill and Michael Jai White playing the character Black Dynamite. One of these scenes is included as an extra on the DVD release.

6. Tarantino originally cast Ricardo Montalban as brothel owner Esteban Vihaio. But when Michael Parks filled in for Montalban at a script reading, Tarantino liked his performance so much he decided to give him the job instead.

7. If the rivalry between The Bride and Elle seems especially believable in the movie, it's because Uma Thurman and Darryl Hannah reportedly feuded throughout production and refused to be in the same room except when filming scenes together.


8. Eagle-eyed viewers might spot a gasoline can in Budd's trailer. This is the same can Michael Madsen's character used in 1992's "Reservoir Dogs" when he attempted to burn a police officer alive.

9. The film includes another nod to "Reservoir Dogs" when Budd tells the bride the kneecap is the most painful place to be shot. In "Reservoir Dogs," Harvey Keitel's character Mr. White says the same thing about the stomach.


10. Whereas The Bride kills dozens of people in the first movie, Bill is the only person she kills in the sequel.

11. Beatrix and her daughter can be seen watching 1981's "Shogun Assassin" on the TV at the end of the film. According to David Carradine, the original plan was to show 1970's "The Aristocats" instead, but Disney prevented its inclusion.


12. Tarantino has discussed plans for a follow-up to the "Kill Bill" duology, which would focus on an adult Nikki Bell seeking vengeance against the Bride for the death of Vernita Green. But while he once suggested the sequel might be released in 2014 (the tenth anniversary of Vol. 2), as of 2019 the sequel still hasn't materialized.

13. Tarantino has also expressed in interest in producing anime movies that reveal the origin stories of both the Bride and Bill.