Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio


Bad news: Quentin Tarantino's upcoming movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" won't be ready in time for Cannes. Good news: The filmmaker just shared some more details about the original characters played by Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in his ninth movie, which is set in 1969.

It features a mix of real-life characters (including Manson victim Sharon Tate, who's portrayed by Margot Robbie) and characters created just for the film.

As he told USA Today,  the actor DiCaprio plays, Rick Dalton, is "a man full of inner turmoil and self-pity for not being in a better position, career-wise. But as is Rick’s way, he blames everybody but himself." In the trailer, we saw DiCaprio tear up as a little girl tells him he had just done the best acting she'd ever seen.

Brad Pitt plays DiCaprio's stuntman, Cliff Booth, who happens to be "one of the deadliest guys alive," according to Tarantino. (You'll recall that in the trailer, Booth is unfazed at going up against martial-arts star Bruce Lee, who's played by Mike Moh.)

Here's why: Tarantino says that Booth is "an indestructible…World War II hero ... He could kill you with a spoon, a piece of paper or a business card. Consequently, he is a rather Zen dude who is troubled by very little."

Let's hope no one messes with Booth's dog in the film, if he has one.

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" opens July 26, 2019.

[Via USA Today]