Warner Bros.

The MTV Movie & TV Awards are tapping into the super powers of current superhero star Zachary Levi, with the "Shazam!" headliner set to emcee the ceremony.

The network and Levi revealed the news on Tuesday, with the actor taking to his social media accounts to spread the word and hype up fans.

"This is not a drill," Levi captioned a silly video of him marveling over the awards show's signature golden popcorn trophy. "We gon’ do the damn thang."

Levi's selection is perfect timing, tapping into the excitement over his starring role in the DC hit "Shazam!," in which he plays a teenager who can transform into the titular superhero on command. And the goofy, good-natured actor seems like a great fit for the awards, which are typically irreverent and over-the-top in every regard.

The awards have undergone some serious changes in recent years, rebranding back in 2017 to also honor television alongside movies. That same year also featured another first: Giving out an award for the best performance in a film by either a male or female actor, rather than dividing awards by gender. Emma Watson took home that inaugural trophy, for "Beauty and the Beast."

Of course, they're still plenty silly (see Chris Pratt's heartfelt -- and poop-filled -- speech from last year). We expect Levi to embody that vibe throughout the night.

The 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards are set to air on June 17.