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Earlier this year, students at a New Jersey high school took it upon themselves to adapt classic sci-fi flick "Alien" into a play, staging an elaborate production that garnered the attention of the official series social media page, as well as the film's director, Ridley Scott. This past weekend, the most famous face from the franchise declared her love for the show -- and appeared in person to give the kids the thrill of their lives.

None other than Sigourney Weaver -- who starred as iconic badass Ripley in the "Alien" films -- surprised the cast of North Bergen High School's "Alien The Play" during a performance on Friday, timed to the annual celebration of Alien Day (4/26, for LV-426). The encore production was funded in part thanks to a generous donation from Scott and his company, Scott Free, but Weaver's attendance may have been even more valuable to the cast and crew, based on this sweet video of them meeting the actress backstage.

Speaking of videos, someone took it upon themselves to record the entire "Alien The Play" production, which you can watch in full if you're so inclined:

The video/audio quality isn't the greatest, but it offers a decent idea of what these kids accomplished. Cheers to them, and cheers to Weaver and the rest of the "Alien" gang for supporting this production.

[h/t Birth.Movies.Death.]