After firing one of its original leads and the other star announcing his departure, it's no surprise that Fox is canceling "Lethal Weapon."

Clayne Crawford (who played Martin Riggs) was fired after Season 2, due to bad on-set behavior. And Damon Wayans (Roger Murtaugh) said last October he was leaving the series after his new co-lead, Seann William Scott was announced as new character Wesley Cole.

Said Wayans at the time: "I’m a 58-year-old diabetic and I'm working 16-hour days."

Before the Season 3 finale, showrunner Matt Miller told The Wrap that Wayans' concerns had been "taken care of. " As he said at the Television Critics Association in February, in response to Wayan's health needs, "it sort of made us all sit down, roll up our sleeves and say, ‘OK, we’re now really hearing you. What do you need?'"

Apparently, he needed to leave the show. And the accompanying drama.

Despite the casting change-up, “Lethal Weapon" Season 3's ratings suffered only a slight drop-off from Season 2. But that was still a steep decline from Season 1, according to The Wrap.

[Via The Wrap]