Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios

Disney-Pixar has served up a treat before the release of the "Onward" trailer: a new poster and first-look photos.

The photos were unveiled on Wednesday, and the poster followed Thursday. Both show the beautiful fantasy world where the elf protagonists live alongside trolls, sprites, unicorns, and other creatures. The story centers on the Lightfoot brothers, Barley (voiced by Chris Pratt) and Ian (voiced by Tom Holland), two teens whose father died when they were very young.

We'll see the brothers set out on a quest to see if there is still magic in the world. Their hope is to find it so that they can spend a day with their dad. It remains to be seen if they'll be successful, but the journey will surely be memorable. The poster shows them enjoying a beautiful night and beautiful sights from the top of a van.

Onward poster

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios

Meanwhile, the photos show a bit more of their story. Their mother (voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) makes an appearance in one, joined by Ian and a fire-breathing creature. In the other, the brothers are on the road, with Ian looking worried and Barley appearing unconcerned.

We'll get to see even more when the trailer drops Thursday evening during Game 1 of the NBA finals.

"Onward" is scheduled to open March 6.