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The family-friendly horror anthology "Ameri-Scares" is coming to television, courtesy of Margot Robbie.

The actress/producer and her company LuckyChap Entertainment are developing Elizabeth Massie’s "Ameri-Scares" book series into a series.

In line with the horror anthology, each episode will take place in a different state and center on notorious local legends or spooky historical events.

Robbie and LuckyChap are teaming with Assemble Media and Warner Horizon on the project, which is slated for either traditional TV networks or streaming services.

"Ameri-Scares" is aimed at middle school readers, ages 8-13. So far, the eight novellas have hit California, New York, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Maryland, all written by Massie. Two more books, the Michigan and West Virginia editions, were written by Steven Mark Rainey.

"With 'Ameri-Scares' we saw the perfect opportunity for us to delve into the horror space, and tell the kind of unique and scary stories we used to tell each other around the campfire or at sleepovers as kids,” Robbie and her company said in a statement.