Gwyneth Paltrow had no idea she was in a "Spider-Man" movie, but Cobie Smulders had no idea she wasn't. Well, the actress was — but her character technically wasn't.

Let us explain: Smulders appears in "Spider-Man: Far From Home" to reprise her character, Maria Hill. However, an end credits scene reveals that [SPOILER HEAD] Maria and Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury are actually two Skrulls in disguise.

(Skrulls are the shapeshifting aliens introduced in "Captain Marvel." So, "Nick" and "Maria" are actually Talos and Soren.)

Smulders, however, didn't play Maria as Maria-But-Really-Soren-in-Disguise ... because had no idea about the twist. While filming, as far as she knew, she was Actual Maria.

"It was added," Smulders told The Hollywood Reporter of the end credits scene. "It was a surprise to me. I bumped into Kevin Feige at a party and he said, 'I gotta tell you something about what’s happening.' I was excited, but I was also confused. I asked, “Well, where is she? What’s she up to?'"

She added, "You can use your own imagination to figure that out. It’s cool because it is the constant shifting of this world. I don’t know where they’re going to go with it, or if that’s a tease for what’s to come. I just love that it was another layer of the film that was going on, potentially the whole time."

Turns out that the end credits scene, which shows Nick and Maria driving, was footage that was cut from the movie.

Fans have pointed out that this twist explains some of Nick and Maria's behavior in "Far From Home." But since Smulders had no clue she wasn't actually Maria, she didn't intentionally play the character with less "sass."

"I liked playing around with the idea that she was just over it. She’s so exhausted, and she just came back from this blip to a mountain of paperwork on her desk," the actress explained.

As for where Actual Maria is, Smulders said, "My hope is that she’s on vacation somewhere."