Disney Channel

"Star Wars: Resistance" is going out with a big bang ... or more like a big bad.

The Disney Channel dropped the trailer for Season 2 of the animated series, which will also be its last. The final chapter takes place during "The Last Jedi" and serves as a bridge to "The Rise of Skywalker," which hits theaters December 19.

New Supreme Leader Kylo Ren makes an appearance (though he won't be voiced by Adam Driver, but rather Matthew Wood). The season follows Kaz and team continuing to fight against the threat of the First Order.

After a harrowing escape from the First Order, the Colossus and its residents find themselves lost in space, pursued by Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre.  Meanwhile, Tam grapples with her future and where her true allegiance lies.

The series, created by Lucasfilm writer/producer Dave Filoni, followed "Star Wars: Rebels" (which ran for four seasons on Disney XD) and The Cartoon Network's "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."

Guest stars for this season include Joe Manganiello as Ax Tagrin, Daveed Diggs as Norath Kev, and Lucy Lawless as the Aeosian Queen.

"Star Wars: Resistance" Season 2 premieres October 6 on the Disney Channel.