With Netflix's "Santa Clarita Diet" behind her, Drew Barrymore is exploring new projects, and one of them is a possible talk show.

The one-time Golden Globe winner is set to shoot a pilot for the project this week, Variety reports. It's for CBS Television Distribution and would be syndicated. The hour-long episode will be filmed in New York, but beyond that details remain under wraps.

Even without knowing what to expect, we're intrigued. Barrymore has proven willing to do some fun things on camera in the past, like that time she helped a "Santa Clarita Diet" fan propose to his girlfriend. We're sure there's more where that came from.

Hosting a talk show is an idea that has interested Barrymore for at least the past few years. She flirted with a deal with Warner Bros. in 2016, sources told Variety at the time. No agreement was signed, and it looks like this new project is already further along; the other never made it to the pilot stage.

While Barrymore hasn't added talk show host to her resume yet, she has added reality TV judge. She was on "The World's Best," which premiered on CBS in February. She'll now get her chance to do something different, so we'll see if the pilot ultimately moves forward.

[via: Variety]