Face/Off” is one of those perfect movies, made at an incredibly specific time (1997) with an incredibly specific pair of actors (Nic Cage and John Travolta) with a high concept so delicious (a federal agent swaps faces with a comatose terrorist and, surprise, the terrorist wakes up and puts the agent’s face on) that you forgive all of its silliness and the fact that they couldn’t have chosen two actors who look more dissimilar. Wrapped in a velvety blanket of John Woo-orchestrated stylishness, it remains one of the defining moments of action cinema and an endlessly re-watchable gem.

Well, Deadline now reports that Paramount, in an effort to boost their in-house franchises, will be remaking the iconic film, setting Oren Uziel to pen the new screenplay. That’s almost all that is known about this new endeavor, but we just hope they keep the mixture of extreme violence, winking humor and high emotionality of the original (maybe they recruit another eastern filmmaker making a name for him- or herself in Hollywood?)

More as it develops, obviously.