Beatriz Escudero

Born in November 16th, 1950

From La Felguera, Asturias, Spain

Beatriz Escudero Biography

Beatriz Alvarez Escudero, known as Beatriz Escudero (La Felguera, Asturias, November 16, 1950) is a Spanish actress and singer. Its debut in front of the cameras was in the contest of Spanish Television program "One, two, three ... responds again," which was stewardess during the second stage, between 1976 and 1977. Later, in the autumn of 1976, he begins his musical career in the hands of another of the hostesses of the program, Maria Duran and Mayra Gómez Kemp, forming the Trio “Acuario”, musical set with some impact at the time and in which she stayed until 1980.

It had started in film in 1976 with a small role in the movie "The Book of Good Love II" but not until late when initiate a film career full of titles of poor quality, many of them featuring the duo Andrés Pajares and Fernando Esteso, and in which Beatriz used to appear in scenes of nudity, as was common among many other actresses of the time. In 1984 he retired from the stage.

However, she did not left the TV world since during the 90s she was assistant director of different programs Antena 3 TV as "De tu a tu" presented by Nieves Herrero.

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Beatriz Escudero Filmography