• Jackie  Gleason

    Jackie Gleason

    Born on February 26th, 1916

    From Brooklyn, New York


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Awards & Nominations

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Golden Globe (1964)
Actor in a Television Series
Best Actor in a Continuing Performance
Best Actor Starring in a Regular Series
Gigot Poster


Gigot (Jackie Gleason) is a Parisian janitor who is mute and docile, a noble simpleton kicked around by uncaring society. Yet he is tenderly human: He frequents all local funerals and never fails to cry. When he finds a local prostitute (Katherine Kath) and her bright-eyed daughter, Nicole (Diane Gardner), sheltering in his doorway, he takes them into his home. The lumbering giant and Nicole become fast friends, and Gigot finally has a family. But how long will this happiness last?

Golden Globe (1963)
Best Performance By an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama
The Hustler Poster

The Hustler

Story Fast Eddie Felsen (Paul Newman) and his adventures in the world of professional pool. Fast Eddie is a young hopeful on his way to challenging Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason) for his world title. When he starts getting feelings for a woman he gets into a dilemma.

Golden Globe (1962)
Best Performance By an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Actor in a Supporting Role