• Robert  Mitchum

    Robert Mitchum

    Born on August 6th, 1917

    From Bridgeport, Connecticut


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Awards & Nominations

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Golden Globe (1992)
Cecille B. DeMille Award
G.I. Joe Poster

G.I. Joe

During World War II, American journalist Ernie Pyle (Burgess Meredith) goes abroad to write about the arduous experiences of stalwart members of the U.S. Army. In Africa and Europe, Pyle encounters brave soldiers who have put their lives in danger in order to defeat Hitler and Mussolini, including Lt. Bill Walker (Robert Mitchum), who is working hard to instill his men with a positive outlook, and Sgt. Steve Warnicki (Freddie Steele), whose young child is growing up back in America.

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