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Greg founded a company called that creates any type of alibi. With his associate, Augustin, and Medhi his new employee, they devise unstoppable stratagems and stagings to cover their clients. But meeting Flo, a pretty blonde who hates men who lie, will complicate Greg's life, which begins by hiding the true nature of his activity. During the presentation to parents, Greg understands that Gérard, the father of Flo, is also one of their clients. Collection

The "" series is a collection about Greg, the founder of, a company that provides excuses for every occasion. His life gets complicated when he falls in love with a woman who detests lies. Struggling to keep his secret, Greg finds himself in a whirlwind of comic situations. His efforts to conceal the true nature of his business from his beloved and her family lead to increasingly complex lies, including organizing two simultaneous weddings, inevitably resulting in unexpected and humorous consequences.

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Movie Budget:$7,546,570
Movie Box Office Gross:$29,370,592 (Worldwide)
Original Language:French
Executive Producers:Franck Milcent
Production Companies:Fechner Films, TF1 Droits Audiovisuels, StudioCanal, TF1 Films Production
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