Allen Iverson - The Answer

Allen Iverson - The Answer (2002)

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Not Yet Rated 56 minFeb 5th, 2002Documentary

Philadelphia 76ers star guard Allen Iverson is in many ways the fantasy of armchair hoopsters, and I readily cop to being one. We know that we're not as intimidating a presence as Shaquille O'Neal, or lack the lanky moves and wingspan of Kobe Bryant, or just the general gigantism of Dikembe Mutombo or Tim Duncan or Chris Webber. But at six feet and 160 pounds, Iverson is the little man's dream, the undersized player who is both fearless and successful in taking it to the big men. Unfortunately, Allen Iverson—The Answer isn't nearly as dynamic as its subject, though it works well as an extended highlight reel.

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